Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Have a Son.

I have one son and the other day I sent him a text. This was the day after so much chaos broke loose in Dallas. When things of this nature happen, I usually send a text telling him I love him and I hope he is OK. When I send those he knows I am thinking, which is always dangerous.

So he sends back:

"I love you too man! You OK?"

I responded with:

" Just when crap breaks loose like last night, I worry a bit more about you and the world we live in and have created."

He responded with:

"It's going well. I was watching some of the coverage at work last night. What can you do but remind yourself you live in one of the nicest areas of a very decent community within one of the most diverse and prosperous metro areas within one of the most economically stable, beautiful, proud states in a nation that stands at the very top of the ladder in the order of the most advanced and sophisticated species on the planet? Not so bad. Sure crazies are out there. Sure people will succumb to fear and hate. But we have the best chance of anyone in the known universe of living a good life and enjoying our journey here. How many people get to say that? We'll be alright."

My response:

"Excuse me. Is this Daniel Wood? Paul Wood's son? LOL. of course you are right and I am proud that you see that. I love you buddy."

While I was proud he understands that he and I have not had the conversation that while we do have that chance, not everybody here has that chance. I was incredibly proud of him both then and now. I was glad he understood that much and I am sure he understands a lot more. We will continue to have those discussions. He taught his old man something that night.

So much to learn and so little time.

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