Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Man and His Wife

As a deacon in the Catholic Church, I get a lot of opportunities to work with people in different situations. A little more than two years ago I was asked by a woman with terminal cancer to walk with her as she came to terms with her mortality. I would like to think I helped her as she seemed more and more comfortable the closer she got. I can assure you that along the way she taught me a great deal as well. She passed away in early April and her funeral Mass was held at Holy Spirit, which is the Church I am assigned to with the Diocese of Dallas.
She was cremated and her burial was later in Kansas where the family has burial property in a beautiful cemetery in Fredonia. I was able to travel to Fredonia to officiate the burial and visit once again with family and friends of this wonderful woman. The opportunity that was presented was a result of relationships. Relationships that are established early in life as well as relationships that came about later.
While in Kansas, I took the time to do some writing and came up with the following that I want to dedicate to both the husband and wife who were so very generous by allowing me in to their home on a very regular basis. I titled this:
 A Husband’s Wife.

What is the value of a life
Ask the husband who lost his wife
For 50 years they wove their souls
Now we ask for whom the bell tolls
The care that he gave her while she was ill
Could never repay her but she asked for nil
Was love that brought them both together
And love that led them to be better
They are both a shining example to see
For I was the one that got to be
In their home to listen and lead
I even took time with God to plead
To make her well so they could continue
To lead their lives ‘twas a busy venue
Yet they were given those 50 years
And he now knows she has no fears
For in the arms of God she waits
For him to arrive at those beautiful gates
To walk hand in hand in God’s great land
May she rest in peace as part of God’s plan.

June 2016

I still meet with her husband on occasion and he is working though his pain. He is fortunate to have so many loving and caring friends and family to surround him as that is how they led their lives. Always reaching out and being there for others. I continue to learn so much and I am honored to have these opportunities.

So much to learn and so little time.


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